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Red Tail Learning Center Textile Arts class meets the yearling alpacas at Six Paca Farm

More waulking - a song in Gaelic.

A waulking, or traditional method of fulling woolen fabric with movement in time to traditional Scottish folk songs. This was at Marshfield School of Weaving this past summer.

Trip to Family Heirloom Weavers in Red Lion, PA.

Wool warp, alpaca weft

New hats for the fellas. From left to right: John, Sean, and Dan.

Brazil nut bark Soaking walnuts

A visit with Zuni Ishikawa in Flagstaff, AZ. Zuni also uses only vegetal dyes for her churro wool. Zuni sells her yarns at the Farmer’s Market in Flagstaff.

I visited the R. B. Burnham Trading Post in Sanders, Arizona at the urging of Ed Chamberlain, curator at the Hubbell Trading Post. In addition to offering rugs, jewelry and other native crafts for sale, this post also offers a huge selection of churro yarns, many hand-dyed with natural dyes. These natural dyed colors are the basis of the Burntwater style of rugs. Regrettably, the company or individual who was previously dying for R. B. Burnham has gone out of business and they are currently selling the remains of their stock in these extraordinary colors.

Sammy Goat, an angora goat

The rug room at Hubbell Trading Post

Joshua shows me how to skirt the fleeces from the last shearing.

More hats for sale. I’ve sold three hats and a scarf so far. The striped one is knit from my friend Kimberly’s handspun hand dyed corriedale merino.

Worm’s new hat

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