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Kids natural dyeing and textile arts class at Red Tail Learning in New London, CT. Today’s class harvested its own jewelweed (Touch Me Not) and golden rod for dyeing. Other dyestuffs included black beans, tumeric, black walnuts and carrot tops. We sampled all of these fabrics on wool, silk and cotton. Thanks to everyone for a great last day of our summer class!

Studio and work of Barbara Zaretsky of BZDesign in Asheville, North Carolina. Barbara block prints with natural dyes on handwoven silk. She is also director of the the adjacent studio/workshop, Cloth Fiber Workshop, which offers classes in fibers.

Brazil nut bark Soaking walnuts

A visit with Zuni Ishikawa in Flagstaff, AZ. Zuni also uses only vegetal dyes for her churro wool. Zuni sells her yarns at the Farmer’s Market in Flagstaff.

I visited the R. B. Burnham Trading Post in Sanders, Arizona at the urging of Ed Chamberlain, curator at the Hubbell Trading Post. In addition to offering rugs, jewelry and other native crafts for sale, this post also offers a huge selection of churro yarns, many hand-dyed with natural dyes. These natural dyed colors are the basis of the Burntwater style of rugs. Regrettably, the company or individual who was previously dying for R. B. Burnham has gone out of business and they are currently selling the remains of their stock in these extraordinary colors.

The first annual Arcosanti Fiber Retreat. Also on Today@Arcosanti.

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